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[no subject] 2.2.17, 2.4.0-test8 and SCSI SYM53C8XX 2.2.17 Linus works on 7200 with quik 2.2.17, usb, and G4 3 button mice and the Powerbook 3dfx Voodoo 3 and XFree on debian/powerpc 7200 now booting 2.2.14 > kernel a2ps with 4 up printing. [ANN] Updated Rage128 (Pro) DRI test binaries APM-Support? Booting to Linux after installing MacOS X (Was: Re: getting pismo to boot by itself "smoke test") Booting to Linux after installing MacOS X (Was: Re: gettingpismo to boot by itself "smoke test") Re: Booting to Linux after installing MacOS X (Was: Re: gettingpismo to boot by itself "smoke test") Bug with anXious ? burning cds with blessed folders using cdrecord ? Call for help - compile me a kernel? Re: compiling atlas2 on athlon cursor disappears after booting with yaboot Deb.2.2rev.0 Appletalk DDP support build-in ? Debian 2.2 PPC freezes on PCP 210 (now 410 G3) debian cd booted on Sage imac debian: C library man pages debian: dhcpcd with Microsoft Windows2000 server debian: lpr wont suppress headers Debian on Apple Powerbook 5300c with a 603e debian-powerpc: Why does my PowerBook click ??? Re: debian ppc website Dependencies - asclock/gnome-panel* Desperately need some help installing Debian 2.2 on a PowerBook G3 Differences between i386 and ppc kernels? ethernet but ppp fails (was install woes) external scsi OF boot questions Firewire iBooks: supported yet? fixing MacOSX fsckage [Fwd] Re: Keyboard Layout G4: Potato: fbdrv. Need more mouse buttons. getting pismo to boot by itself "smoke test" Glibc, gcc, libdb2 and nss_db gnome-core / gnome-applets 1.2.2 "Three Movies and a Slim Jim" released (fwd) gnome-print 0.24 released (fwd) gnucash: [PATCH] Fixed the "missing cents" bug Helix GNOME Updates? Help Console How do I fix broken wdm? How do I use those PowerMac images-1.44? How to get proposed-updates. How to keep gcc and such up to date? Re: Installation of Debian Linux on a Power MAc Installation SUCCEDED on PowerBook 3400 Installation super-woes on PowerBook 3400 Re: install .deb packages Installing Debian on a 7200 w/ SCSI Installing Debian on an Imac DV install woes Re: Interesting Disk Partitions Interesting Disk Partitions (was - Re: Installation super-woes on PowerBook 3400) irda-common 0.9.10-5 (powerpc) Is the Debian 2.2 PPC CD 1 bootable? KDE 1.1.2 ? Re: KDE2 (snapshot) debs available Kensington Orbit two-button trackball and X Re: kernel 2.2.17 build reboots kernel 2.2.17 compile problems Kernel Hanging... Kernel Hanging : no more, SCSI problem Keyboard Layout libgtkmm missing from ppc potato? librep5 & sawmill dependencies broken? libsigc++ Lucent WaveLAN card panics kernel on Powerbook Pismo mac on linux compilation making a cd bootable for a mac MOL compilation Re: MOL compilation SOLVED Motorola Starmax 3000/180, RTL 8139/8029, and a /big/ quandary New powerpc-utils, please test. newworld netboot mini-howto New yaboot/ybin. please test. nvram problem? official kernel tree? Okay, where is it? open firmware netboot? OpenSSH display error pmud & closed powerbook pmud: sleep function powerbook (lombard) kernel boot hang problem booting from sda during installation Re: [Q] .debs for X servers? [Q] XFree86 4.0 config for Powerstack? raid troubles Re: Rookie trying to Rookie trying to figure out XF86 and other issues... Running X on a Power Mac clone... Re: Samba on PPC Scheduled Startup & Shutdown under Linux Screen settings on iMac Re: Seeking for suggestion setting up X Setting up X (another case) softlooking gnome icons, how? Something to write disk images from MacOS? strange hangup during install Supported screenmode? Switching keys Re: touble making Power Mac 7200 boot directly into Linux trouble booting performa 6400 unofficial .debs for gcc-2.95.3 upgrading irda-common USB Mouse with X using 2 scsi drives on different buses in a 7600/120 What's happening with atomic.h?? where is make-kpkg? Which IMAP and POP3 servers ? Which is the best DHCP client and server. Re: why doesn't Xpmac like my mouse? Wingman Mouse Woody PPC build daemon down over weekend x4, x4.0.1 ? XF86 4 phase2 debs for PowerPC not APT-able XFree 4.0.1 phase2v7 on Powermac 7600/132 /chaos/control XFree 4 notes Re: XFree86 4.01 debs The last update was on 20:18 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 548 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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