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Re: How do I use those PowerMac images-1.44?

I'm running on a PowerCenter. I gave up on the floppies and I also gave
up putting the files on a HFS volume. I put the stuff on a ext2
partition on an old hard disk that I had, and it works every time. Of
course I had copied the stuff to ext2 from a previous installation of
LinuxPPC, which made life pretty easy. Oh and I took out the CDROM drive
and put the extra hard disk in there. The installer seems to detect the
partition where the files are automatically. Not sure if this helps, but
it worked for me.


Garry Roseman wrote:
> I am exploring the possibility of planting the Debian GNU/Linux
> potatoe on my PowerWave 150, PowerMac clone computer.  Booting from
> CD is a problem because it is a non-Apple CD-ROM drive and typical
> CD's, burned with the Apple CD/DVD Driver as the driver in the driver
> partition(s), will not boot this machine.  I could re-burn the CD
> myself and (probably) make it bootable on this machine using my own
> edited copy of the Apple CD/DVD Driver, but I was trying instead to
> make the boot floppy.  I'd like to have a Linux boot floppy in any
> case.  I got the rescue 1.44-image named "rescue.bin" from the
> <potatoe>/PowerMac/images-1.44 directory using macbinary ftp transfer
> mode, but I can't do anything with this "image".  I can't do anything
> with any of these images.  They are not decoded by Stuffit Expander
> and are not recognizable by Disk Copy as MacOS disk images.  How do I
> make a rescue disk from the binary image?
> I read the ppc installation guide and didn't find any mention of this problem.
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