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Re: Debian on Apple Powerbook 5300c with a 603e

Bill Paterson <BAD305@UKCC.uky.edu> writes:

> Has anyone got Debian running on the above machine? If yes, elaboration on
> workarounds, glitches, etc. would be appreciated.

No way. Only MkLinux (DR3 & Pre-R1) will currently run on the 5300 (>=
24 MB RAM), with no ext. SCSI, no PCMCIA, and of that wasn't enough,
buggy serial port support. But the system itself is said to run stable
and much faster than MacOS does. There are threads on the 5300 on
<comp.os.linux.powerpc> every now and then, all with the same sad
result. Sorry for us.

-- Andre

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