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Re: Is the Debian 2.2 PPC CD 1 bootable?

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 07:07:37PM +0100, John Winters wrote:

> I've now got as far as partitioning.  The partitioning instructions say
> I need to create a small partition of type Apple_bootstrap before the
> MacOS partition.  The trouble is that although MacOS claims to have
> initialised the disc with one partition, mac-fdisk shows there being
> 10.  Where does the new little partition go relative to all these?  One
> of the partitions says it is also the partition map.

you need to create two partitions with apple's tool, the first should
be the total size that all your linux partitions will take, the second
is your real macos partition.

then when you boot debian delete the first HFS partition and use the
freed space to create Apple_Bootstrap and your ext2 partitions.

> Is the following sensible:
> 1) Delete all the existing partitions (except perhaps partition 1 - the
> partition map)

only if you want to remove macos, you can do this easier with the `i'
command to mac-fdisk, meaning delete and create new empty partition table.

> 2) Create Apple_Bootstrap partition from mac-fdisk

you must do this anyway.  

> 3) Use Apple recovery CD to create "1" HFS partition taking up part of
> the hard disc

no, see above, decide how much space you will allocate to GNU/Linux
and then use Apple's tool to create TWO HFS partitions, the first
being the size you wish to allocate to debian, the second for macos
(if you want it) then delete the first HFS partition with
mac-fdisk. after you boot into debian installer.

> 4) Restart the Debian installation process.

you must do this anyway.

Ethan Benson

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