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Re: mac on linux compilation

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Clay Ginsburg wrote:

> Oh one other thing, what is the best way to emulate a 2 button or 3 
> button mouse for X(in particular either afterstep or kde).

emulation of mouse buttons depends on wich Xserver your using.
in Xpmac-rev10 you should emulate the buttons with the following options
-middlekey key_code
-rightkey key_code
for example my Xpmac options looks like
local /usr/bin/X11/Xpmac.rev10 -mode 17 -depth 24 -middlekey 111 -rightkey

that I have middle button mapped with F11 and righ button mapped with F12
on a pismo powerbook 

and sotty I don't now yet how to done the same with Xfree86-fbdev nor

>  And is it 
> possible i could remap the delete key on the g3 keyboard to ^h instead 
> of the forward delete?

I've got the same problem, and I use xmodmap to correct this.
under X (only X) my backspace was acting as ^d not as ^h.
using xev I check the keycode generated by the bacspace, (in my case it
was keycode 59)
after that putting this lines in the .xsession correct the problem
xmodmap - << EOT
keycode 59 = BackSpace

NB I've not seen xev for the powerPC, I was using it from my PC debian
Box to check the keycode from the powerbook.

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