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Installation super-woes on PowerBook 3400

Hello *,

I want to install debian (or any PPC Linux for that matter, I am
becoming very desperate) on my PowerBook 3400.

LinuxPPC can't install because I can't partition my hard drive.
Debian can't install because (why oh why???????????) the CD isn't
bootable! (at least, the binary-powerpc-1.iso I just downloaded).

A little info: it is a powerbook3400, with a 12x cdrom and no floppy
drive. I installed a new 4GB hard drive (removing the older 1.4GB one),
and have no MacOS media to reinstall and repartition.

I've been trying to get Linux on this for more than a month. pdisk (in
LinuxPPC 2000) can't partition the hard drive (it came from a
NetWinder - PC-style partitions.. but still, it should be able to,
shouldn't it? I can create the partitions in pdisk - even though it
only sees mny 1st of 4 GBs, but I can't write the partition map! WHY??),
and I have no other way of partition.

So I need suggestions on how to install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
Please help a desperate Linux-lover!

"You can have Peace, or you can have Freedom. Don't ever count on having 
both at the same time." - Robert A. Heinlein

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