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Re: USB Mouse with X

I'm using Xpmac I got from RedHat PPC, of version I've already tried
to stop gpm before launching X, but it still does not work.

Nelson Abramson wrote:

> Are y ou using fbdev or Xpmac?  If you are using fbdev, what do you have as your
> mouse device?  If you are using Xpmac, what version and have you tried killing
> gpm before launching Xpmc.
> > Another question... what can I use to configure the X in Debian PPC?
> > I couldn't find XF86Setup nor xf86config.
> Nothing as of now :\  XF86Config makes Redhat fs assumptions.  Hopefully the
> config script in v4 will support Debian's filestructure.  Get a working
> XF86Config from someone else w/ the same machine...
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