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Re: How to keep gcc and such up to date?

On Wednesday, 6 September 2000, Daniel Jacobowitz writes:

> > How do the rest of you handle this, or where do you update your gcc,
> > gdb and other important stuff from?
> 2.95.2 is actually fairly stable on powerpc.  There will be 2.96
> snapshots available in the near future - mostly when I have a really
> good reason to build them, or someone else does :)

Ok.  I wasn't complaining, just wondering how you guys were handling
this.  Maybe it's just me who needs the upgrade, because of our
monstrous C++ package.  If I'd build deb packages myself, would
anyone be interested?

> Gdb is pretty current at the moment, too - I don't think the CVS has
> been hyperactive since the recent release of 5.0...

I haven't tried upgrading, for debugging embedded libguile stuff in
LilyPond it is pretty useless; it takes forever (10s or so) to display
a SCM in gdb, it sometimes even dumps core.


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