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Re: Installation super-woes on PowerBook 3400

On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

> i remember years back when apple introduced the first IDE powermacs,
> the 5400 (iirc) came with a really bizarre hard disk setup:  it had no
> partition table. yes thats right no partition table at all.  just one
> big ol HFS filesystem stuck on the raw disk.  no drivers, no partition
> table nothing.  

I can confirm this: my older hard drive (the one that came with the
powerbook) has only one big hfs...

> they did not do this for very long because they discovered that the
> IDE driver burned into the ROM of these machines was very buggy, and
> now they had no way to install a new driver without repartitioning the
> disk.  (big brain fart on the part of some apple engineer) i think
> they eventually came out with some hack to try and resize the HFS
> filesystem and reclaim just enough space to install a partition table
> and new driver iirc. 
> so yes i bet this trick will only work on IDE powermacs, i think they
> were the only ones to have a disk driver burned into the ROM. 

Ah, so I'm very very very lucky then... ;)


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