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Re: official kernel tree?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >> For 2.4, I suggest you use the bitkeeper tree.
> >
> >I remember reading somewhere that it's mainly for PReP/CHRP while pmac-devel
> >was supposed to be for PowerMacs. What's the advantage of bitkeeper for
> >PowerMac users?
> pmac-devel is Paul's tree. While a bunch of PPC developers (including me
> ;) have write access to the bk tree. The bk tree is currently more up-to-
> date than Paul's rsync.
> Also, both Paul and I lately did some cleanups, fixes, ... directly on
> the bk tree and this is the one that is getting merged with Linus.

Rather convincing, how can I get it via rsync?


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