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Re: Installation super-woes on PowerBook 3400

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:
> i figured as much, everything in linuxppc 2000 is very broken.  i have
> an account on a linuxppc2000 box and in about 15 minutes i found the
<snipped LinuxPPC broken stuff...>

Mine doesn't seem that bad.. screen works, I can type ` ... the only thing
I can't do so far is compile a kernel... (a missing setup.h... and I will
download a more recent kernel...)

> miboot won't work without macos disk drivers, the only way to install
> macos disk drivers is to partition with a macos partitioner then

Interesting, since miboot _did_ work, without needing a MacOS at all...

> delete the main HFS partition and create linux partitions.  the only
> option for booting you have is quik.  you will have to get the debian
> quik installed since linuxppc does not include it, or includes a
> broken one that won't work. 

Is quik on the Debian CD? One thing about Linux on PowerPC I've noticed,
is that the documentation is almost non-existent... it took me a while to
even discover that pdisk wasn't the tool I needed, and that miboot was the
method I should use to boot the OS... And all the installation
instructions (which I've found on the MkLinux pages...) assume you already
have MacOS.. That's like assuming you have Partition Magic on a PC before
installing Linux...

Well, I'm glad I eventually found out what I needed... :)

> miboot is not an option for you.

Yes it is :)

> don't bother with an HFS partition, it won't do you any good since oyu
> don't have macos.  use quik instead.  
> what you need to do is put the debian root.bin image in / the debian
> kernel in / then configure a quik.conf to point at them (with
> initrd=/root.bin) run quik and change your boot-device OpenFirmware
> variable (get ofpath out of latest ybin it should work on a 3400 i
> think, it will tell you the right openfirmware path) 

ok, I'll look on the debian ftp site, but.. where do I find quik?

and quik will work with Oldworld ROM?

> if quik goes well you should be booted into debian dbootstrap where
> you can most of the partitions and install debian.  
> what i would do to start is partition everything how you want it to
> be, with a seperate /home partition at a very minimum.  don't bother
> with /boot or HFS partitions, you don't have macos and miboot is not
> an option.  put the debain install files in /home, when you get to
> dbootstrap skip partitioning (already done) and erase all the
> partitions EXCEPT /home (to eliminate the linuxppc cruft) then install
> the kenrel and modules from the files you put in /home (you will have
> to mount it, there is an option to do that in dbootstrap) you can
> install the base system from over http.  
> don't forget to `make bootable from hard disk' which should hopefully
> get quik working (OF will already be set) at that point if all goes
> well you have will debian base installed.

My method was to create a small 2MB partition for miboot, then format
it using hformat -l miboot /dev/hda2. I then took the
miboot.img from BootX 1.2.2, and dd'd it on the partition. Using the
hfstools, I hmounted that partition, then used hattrib to make it
bootable: hattrib -b miboot:  

And it worked. :)

But of course, I will need to start again since I want Debian, not
LinuxPPC ;)

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both at the same time." - Robert A. Heinlein

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