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G4: Potato: fbdrv. Need more mouse buttons.

I'm in an "almost there" state with a new G4 which will be the
first of a cluster in use at our new music technolgy lab here at
the University of Glasgow.  I've read my way through the mail list
archive, and tried pretty well everything, but can't get the 2 and
3 button mouse emulation to work.

Here's what I've done so far.

GPM is running with a "-R" and xfree 3's frame-buffer server picks
up mouse movements and button-1 activity fine.  The mouse is a USB
mouse with an intellimouse (or whatever it's called) protocol
attached to the same USB port as the keyboard.  This setup worked
pretty well straight away and I went on to getting the
multi-button emulation sorted out.

I can't get /any/ of the methods described to work.  I am using
Xkbd translation (the no Xkbd translation line is commented out in
the XF86Config file).  I followed the instructions at
http://people.a2000.nl/omoerbe/  to try and get things to work as
far as I could, but this involves getting hold of a file from
ftp://idd-01.imbc.gr/pub/macintosh_xkb.tar.gz  which is no longer
there.  That said, I couldn't see anything which would stop all
the mods suggested on that web page from working.

The interesting thing is that I thought mapping a key using
xmodmap should work.  For example,

xmodmap -e 'keysym KP_0 = n' makes the n character appear when you
type keypad-0, but
xmodmap -e 'keysym KP_0 = Pointer_Button2", whilst producing no
errors, gives no dice as an mouse-button replacement. (sorry if
I've slightly misspelled some of that command: the mac is at the
other end of the office from this aged intel box)

I've tried lots of other things (append= in yaboot.conf, messing
around as per aforementioned web page, etc, etc) but nothing
works.  I'm also running gnome and enlightenment, both of which
whirr, bump and fizzle along beautifully.  Apart from the
mouse-button problem.

Is there a fix for this, or is it time to buy loads of
three-button USB mice (which are bound to cause problems with the
Apple side of things: these machines are going to have to be dual

I need to get them working by Wednesday, when Linux will be on
demonstration to the Great British Public as an open-day event.

No pressure 8-)


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