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Re: burning cds with blessed folders using cdrecord ?

On Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 04:33:33PM -0500, brendan strejcek wrote:
> more concretely: if i have a whole lot of files (like a minimal
> development environment, gcc, etc) yaboot, ybin, and a cdburner
> on a linux box, is there a way to create the raw image such that
> when it is burned it has a blessed folder and is new-world bootable
> without ever resorting to using macintosh software?

of course, i came up with the procedure debian is pretty much using to
make thier bootable CDs and i never used macos (my CD writer is an
internal SCSI in my intel box) (and i don't have win*) 

> i think the command i am looking for is mkhybrid (which is now part
> of mkisofs, i think), but can that bless folders also?

yes here is what you do:

setup your filesytem tree in say master/

setup a maps file that specifies the filename for the boot script (i
typically use ofboot.b) :

# This mapping is needed to successfully boot and to keep macos from
# treating everything like a text file (ugly!)
# EXTN   XLate   CREATOR   TYPE     Comment
.b              Raw     'UNIX'    'tbxi'   "bootstrap"
yaboot          Raw     'UNIX'    'boot'   "bootstrap"
linux           Raw     'UNIX'    'boot'   "kernel"
.conf           Raw     'UNIX'    'conf'   "bootstrap"
root.bin        Raw     'UNIX'    'root'   "root_image"
*               Raw     'UNIX     'UNIX'   "unix"

the 'tbxi' is the only important one.

next run:

mkhybrid -part -hfs -map maps -no-desktop -hfs-volid Debian_Bootstrap \
-r -o cdimage.raw master

now run:

hmount cdimage.raw
hattrib -b :install:powermac:
humount cdimage.raw

the path in hattrib must be of the directory containing the bootscript
(the one given the tbxi file type by the maps file above) 

now burn the image and it should boot.  

> basicly, i want to create a custom install cd so i can do it by hand.
> (and anyway, i hope debian doesn't rely on non-free 'ware :-)

perfectly possible, that is how debian cds are made.  

now oldworld bootable CDs are a totally different story. 

do note however if you put yaboot or the bootscript in a subdirectory
like debian does you need to put some odd paths in the yaboot.conf.
look at what debian has for details.

Ethan Benson

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