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Re: Scheduled Startup & Shutdown under Linux

On Fri, Sep 08, 2000 at 02:41:17PM -0500, Matt Christian wrote:
> > Does anybody know if there is a way to get my PowerMac to automatically 
> > boot at a specified time after Linux shuts down?
> Although I haven't used it yet, I found a program called "pmacpow" that
> can be used to set the next power up time on Power Macs.  Found at:
> <ftp://ppc.linux.or.jp/pub/users/toe/pmacpow-tool/>
> Referenced on Linuxppc's Power Macintosh Development page at:
> <http://linuxppc.org/dev/pmac/>

there are a couple things here that look useful but they are
unfortunatly hideously undocumented.  one i am interested in is making
the machine powerup automatically when the power is plugged in (so it
will reboot automatically if shutdown by the UPS)  

it would be nice if these utilities were part of the powerpc-utils
package but i think they will need some documentation (which needs
someone who can read source code in this case) 

Ethan Benson

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