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Re: making a cd bootable for a mac

that's helpful! But, where in which readme.file is this information?
And: using option-command-o-f, then
boot cd:1,/install/powermac/yaboot - is this an alternative?

Garry wrote

You probably never got a blessed system folder.  Even if the CD has a
good boot-time driver and has a valid MaOS System Folder it won't boot
if MacOS never "blessed" that folder.  Many people neglect this because
in their work making bootable CDs they often bless the new system folder
quite accidentally and don't know that it is necessary. It IS necessary.

(So how do you "bless" a system folder?  You mount the new volume under
_MacOS_ while it is still writeable and another MacOS volume is booted,
i.e. the CD-ROM image is still in the form of a Disk Copy r/w image, and
you double-click on its System Folder.  Re-close the folder.  Observe
that it gains a Mac smile face -- the Finder has recorded some magic
information in the directory.  NOW burn that image to CD-R.)
  Garry Roseman  <mailto:memphis@macconnect.com>

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