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Re: Is the Debian 2.2 PPC CD 1 bootable?

On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 11:08:20AM -0500, dukeswj0@sewanee.edu wrote:

> I'd say that's probably a bad idea, a lot of those partitions either contain
> hard drive drivers or other important stuff.  Also, they usually don't take 
> much room.  Particularly if you're going to dual boot Debian and MacOS, you
> might want to keep all the partitions except the last one, the actual partition

this is true, but *only* if you are going to use MacOS on this
disk. otherwise they are nothing but useless cruft uglifying your
partition table.  only macos needs them, nothing else so if you trash
macos permanantly you can remove the driver partitions too.  

> MacOS is on.  I have an old world machine so I've never set up yaboot, but
> the rest of your plan sounds right as far as I know. Apple_Bootstrap should  
> probably be the next partition after all the various drivers, etc partitions.

correct but before any macos or ext2/swap partitions

Ethan Benson

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