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Re: Installation super-woes on PowerBook 3400

 >: init-code="dev /bandit/ohare/via-pmu backlight-on/"
 >: what does this mean exactly?

given you are in OF:
'dev' seems to be forth's 'cd' and then you can see all the possible commands
for the node you are with:

'backlight-on' is a command needed in the days of 2.1.24, does not
harm 'cause it force the display to brighten up (can I say so?),
and I left it there for romantic reminiscence.
this command is restricted to the node /bandit/ohare/via-pmu.

 >: > compile your kernel >= 2.2.15pre14 with
 >: > # CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT is not set
 >: I gather the default LinuxPPC kernel has CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=y ? (at least,
 >: my .config had it, generated by make pmac-config and make
 >: menuconfig)... Is it absolutely mandatory to remove this option?

there's no way to get a newer kernel running via quik on your/my
machine with  "CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=y", believe me or test it for yourself;
and you don't need any BootX kernel messages if you let quik be your bootloader.

 >: > while in OF (opt-command-o-f during startboing):
 >: hum, this might be a problem.. maybe I didn't do it at exactly the right
 >: moment, but I never managed to do this in the last few days. But maybe
 >: it's just me... 

sometimes it's necessary to halt _not reboot_ the machine and then boot it
the cold way.

if you can get past this point, type:
setenv auto-boot? false


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