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Re: Which IMAP and POP3 servers ?

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 10:04:10AM +1100, Brendan J Simon wrote:
> I need to install some IMAP and POP3 servers so users can read mail via
> Netscape/Outlook on other machines.  I have exim as my mail server.  I'm
> running Debian Potato on a PowerMac G4.
> The choice (according to "apt-get -s install imap-server") of available
> imap servers is:
>   imap 4.7c-1
>   courier-imap 0.31-1
> The choice (according to "apt-get -s install pop3-server") of available
> pop3 servers is:
>   cucipop 1.31-13
>   qpopper 2.53-5
>   ipopd 4.7c-1
> Does anyone have any preferences, suggestions or comments regarding
> these packages.  I thought I would install "imap" and "ipopd".  Are
> these ok or are there better packages ?  qpopper sounds interesting.

Well, cucipop has had a couple reliability issues for me lately (it has
a tendency to deadlock on its status database), but is otherwise good. 
courier-imap is supposed to be very nice, although I've never used it


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