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Okay, where is it?

Alright, I'm a knucklehead.  And I need some basic help...

I've installed and am running Debian Potato on a PC (it's doing the IP Masquerading and acting as the firewall for my home network), and I thought that I'd load Potato on my G3 PowerBook, as well.

But then, depression set in. I can't boot off of the CDs (purchased from LSL) since I don't have the New World ROMs.

So I created the Boot and Root floppies, which work just fine. Since this will be a dual boot system, I have a couple of Mac partitions, too - one is the main 6 GB HFS+, and then another CD-sized partition formatted HFS so both OS's can see it. I've loaded the Potato Binaries Disk 1 onto it. The remaining space (around 5.5 GB) is devoted to Linux (100 MB /, 128 MB swap, 200 MB /home, and the remainder /usr).

And off we go. I have the partitions formatted and mounted, including the HFS partition with the Debian Binaries 1 disk. Everything goes fine until section 7.9 of the docs where I have to point to the install files.

I can't find them.

I checked out the file paths in the docs, and made allowances for the fact that the LSL CD has different directories than the docs list. But no matter what I type in this step, when I hit "OK" the cursor pops back up the the line where I specify the file path. And what's with the second field on the screen with the <....> in it? I don't find it mentioned in the documentation.

So that's where I sit. There's probably some simple way out of this, but I'm not seeing it from the documentation. I happily accept any suggestions.



The plan was simple.  Unfortunately, so was Bullwinkle.

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