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Booting to Linux after installing MacOS X (Was: Re: getting pismo to boot by itself "smoke test")

> it will work, but what happens if your OpenFirmware settings get
> reset?  macos boots, not yaboot, which means you have to go into
> OpenFirmware yourself and change the boot-device variable manually.
> this is not something most people enjoy doing (nor know how to do).
> so if i tell them to create it first then resetting OpenFirmware
> gaurentees that yaboot gets booted, without teaching users arcane
> OpenFirmware incantations. 

Actually, I've been having a real problem setting the default boot
device back properly after installing the recent MacOS X public beta.  I
had followed your yaboot instructions and had everything working great.
But since installing MacOS X, the only way I can boot to Linux is to hold
down <Option> and click on the appropriate icon (even <space> doesn't

I tried doing the "setenv boot-device" thing in OpenFirmware, and it
didn't seem to help.

Does MacOS X do something particularly nasty?  Has anyone tried this yet?

(Incidentally, this is on a Pismo, and I installed MacOS X on a UFS

Mike Fleming

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