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Re: How do I use those PowerMac images-1.44?

At 21:33 -0400 9/6/00, John R. MacPhail wrote:
Have you tried BootX?  Try pointing BootX at ramdisk.image.gz (as a
RAM disk image, no decompression needed).  If that runs, then you are

That will work, as long as I have a MacOS partition (which I do). Actually I have a whole darned Linuxppc2000 installation on the computer. Now I'm trying to learn about and compare Debian. I like the Debian thinking. My question was partly theoretical; I'd like to know how I could install the Debian system on a hypothetical client's PowerMac computer using only a floppy drive. I already know that I can do such an install from the Linuxppc2000 CD-ROM. Installing the Debian distrib onto a PowerMac from floppy only is impossible because I find no tool for making a floppy on MacOS from the Debian binary floppy image.

So far the right way to install onto a PowerMac (e.g. 7600 or PowerCenter etc.) appears to be to allocate a partition to MacOS, put bootx on it and the ramdisk compressed image, and boot into the Debian installer. I haven't done that yet and my next task is to discover what tools are available in that ramdisk kernel for completing the installation.
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