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Re: kernel 2.2.17 compile problems

"JW" == James Waterhouse <james.waterhouse@videotron.ca>

    JW> I'm trying to compile a 2.2.17 kernel but I keep getting
    JW> errors. I downloaded the 2.2.17 source from kernel.org,
    JW> unpacked it, then did "make mrproper", "make config",
    JW> "make zImage" and I get the following errors...

A few comments, some maybe relevant, some probably not...

Did you do ``make dep'' between ``make config'' and ``make

Don't do ``make zImage'' -- many of the PowerPC booters don't seem
to support compressed kernel images.  Use ``make vmlinux'' unless
you're sure your setup can use compressed kernel images.

You're building a module to support /dev/rtc -- I had major
problems with that support, long ago, so be sure you need it
(unlikely to be relevant to your problem).

You don't say what kind of machine this is, but your kernel config
seems to be supporting older PPC processors, and you chose
PowerMac as the machine type -- did you mean to turn off ADB mouse

If your machine has IDE drives, you need to compile the drivers
into the kernel.  If the kernel can't interact with the drive, it
can't load a module!

You probably don't want Generic PCI IDE chipset support when
there's a Builtin PowerMac IDE support option.  One of the big
problems with the current configuration system is that it doesn't
properly hide dangerous options based on the machine type.

You're building lots of SCSI modules -- is that on purpose or did
you forget to turn some or all of these off?

You also have several extra Ethernet controllers selected.

Do you really have any of these somewhat unusual AppleTalk
devices?  (If all you want is the ability to talk to other
machines using AppleTalk, you don't need any of these.)

And lots of extra video devices....

You have Enhanced Real Time Clock Support turned on under
character devices.  Be sure that you need that and your machine
supports it.

You probably don't need or want BSD disklabel support unless
you're swapping disks from BSD systems into your Mac....

Do you really want Greek language support built into your kernel?
(You shouldn't need it if all you want is to use Greek in some
userland application.)

I hope that some of those points help.


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