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Re: Dependencies - asclock/gnome-panel*

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, C.M. Connelly wrote:

> There's a conflict because both gnome-panel-data and asclock use
> some of the data files.  See bug number #67244.


> The GNOME stuff in woody is a nightmare.  I spent a whole day
> (literally) getting it to compile (and I'm still probably missing
> things).  There are a couple of major problems.

I tried compiling GNOME maybe a year ago... and gave up for the same
reasons listed below (and that was on a PC..)

> you decide to build them yourself, you'll have to figure out what
> development packages you need, find them, and (almost certainly)
> build them, only to find that you need still other unbuilt
> packages, and so on.
> If you're desperate to have the newest GNOME, your best bet is
> probably to track down the HelixCode packages people have compiled
> for PowerPC (search the list archive for more information).

No, I don't really use GNOME, only some of their apps... I just found this
problem annoying since I wanted the icons in gnome-panel-data, but not use
the panel itself ;)

I solved it for now by just extracting the icons out of the package,
uninstalling the offending packages, and copying the icons to

Now I still get problems because I use gdm (and gdm wants gnome-session,
session wants panel, panel wants panel-data, etc...), but I guess I can
live with this for now, until I can replace gdm with wdm or something... 


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