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Re: external scsi OF boot questions

On Fri, Sep 08, 2000 at 02:41:15PM -0500, Michael Wheeler wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to linux and have just received the 2.2 CDs and have
> successfully installed it on my rev a B&W G3. My goal is for a normal
> boot to load Mac OS 9.0.4 which resides on my internal HD and
> alternately be able to boot linux which is installed on my external SCSI
> ORB drive attached to my Adaptec 2930U pci card by holding down
> shift-command-option-delete.

thats not the best solution, is your ORB drive always connected?  if
so you can setup a dual boot menu on your bootstrap partition (which
is on the ORB i presume)

> I want to do this because my internal HD is only 6GB and I don't have
> room to partition it and I don't want to buy a bigger HD yet if I can
> keep from it. Also the rev a G3 doesn't have the ability to add a second
> ide internal drive like the rev b does.

sure it does you just have to play around with the cabling ;-)  i did
this temporarily once when i upgraded to a larger disk (the smaller
one get moved to my firewall)

> First of all I'd like confirmation that what I'm trying to do as
> described above is possible.

dual boot is possible, what your trying to do is both harder and less
likely to work right.

> I can boot linux fine when I boot into OF and use the command:
> boot /pci@80000000/pci-bridge@d/ADPT,2930CU@4/@0:4,\\yaboot


> However, when I try to get it to boot automatically by holding down
> shift-command-option-delete I can see the access light flicker very
> briefly every few seconds as if it's probing the ORB drive but nothing
> ever happens. I just get the standard flashing folder "?" icon on the
> Mac screen as if it's still looking for an eligible boot partition or
> system folder.

command option shift delete does not really work like it used to on
oldworld.  especially with scsi disks.

> It's getting quite tiring booting into OF and typing that long boot
> command every time that I want to boot linux. Which brings me to my next
> problem. I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to add an OF devalias.
> Here what happens:
> setenv use-nvramrc? true
> nvalias sd /pci@80000000/pci-bridge@d/ADPT,2930CU@4/@0
> nvstore
> At which point if gives me the following error message:
> nvramrc not valid

hmm that looks right... i long ago gave up on making my own aliases,
ive done it but its just too much of a pain.  i use ybin instead ;-)

> I've tried this at least a half dozen times and the results have been
> the same each time. Anyone know what's going on here?

what you need is ybin 0.21, and a /etc/yaboot.conf like so:



note that you need ybin 0.21 and powerpc-utils 1.1.3-2 or later.  for
this to work.

note that if you use the yaboot package in dan's home directory as of
yesterday you need to change magicboot to /boot/ofboot.b.sh but the
next version of this package is probably going to be different again,
the above is how ybin is installed out of my tarball but Dan does not
like it ;-)

what this will do is change your OpenFirmware boot-device to your
bootstrap partition (on the scsi disk) you will then get a boot menu
with L inux and M acOS choices.  if you don't do anything MacOS will
be booted (defaultos=macos).  

the only way this won't work for you is if your ORB drive is not
always connected when you boot the machine, in this case you machine
would likely fail to boot (or it might just go looking for a bootable
partition on the IDE disk im not sure) if this is a problem im not
sure what to tell you other then to create a 800K bootstrap parittion
on your IDE disk and change boot=  to that in /etc/yaboot.conf.  

> One other question. What's the difference between mkofboot and ybin?
> They are the same program as far as I can tell but does it do something
> different depending on whether it was invoked using ybin as opposed to
> mkofboot? It's a little confusing because the install docs talk about
> mkofboot in one paragraph then ybin shortly thereafter as if you need to
> use both to prepare your bootstrap partition. Can someone set me
> straight on that please?

mkofboot and ybin are indeed the same file, mkofboot is just a sym or
hard link to ybin.  they do exactly the same thing with one important

mkofboot will ERASE and recreate a fresh HFS filesystem on the
bootstrap partition (boot= in yaboot.conf) before installing the
bootstrap.  ybin will just assume there is already an HFS filesystem
and install the bootstrap on it.  

you only need to run mkofboot the first time you setup a bootstrap
partition since there is no filesystem.  if your bootstrap partition
is dedicated (as it should be) and nothing exists on it except what
ybin/mkofboot put there then there is no problem with just running
mkofboot every time instead of ybin.  

in short ybin is safer since it can't really destroy anything, on the
other hand if you run mkofboot with a misconfigured boot= line in
yaboot.conf you could lose data.  

> Before I close just let me say a big that you to everyone that has
> worked on the debian project and the powerpc port in particular. This
> stuff looks great!

your welcome ;-)

Ethan Benson

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