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[no subject] 2000Charge support !!!Please Read!!! Re:%20Samba and CUPS -- not using -o raw? 2.6.10 gives kernel panic 2.6.10: NFS/RPC related Kernel Oops... 2.6.10: NFS/RPC related Kernel Oops... (with ksymoops output) 2.6 slower ppp over dialup than 2.4 3 companies and 1 i-net gateway 3ware 9000 CLI 486 laptop... A3 on A4 Re: About the 486 Laptop Accessing CI of BayStack 350T switch via serial connection Re: accessing printserver Accounting package Re: Accouting package Acrobat 7 Acrobat 7.0 for linux is out Acrobat 7 plugin for Firefox not working Acroread5 freezes GNOME when clicking on Edit Menu Acroread 7 bug? Adding a group to /etc/group Adding a network card... adding latex packages adding to the applications menu adduser and defaults groups Administrating modules & drivers Advice on bug report Advise for setting up a linux lab AIX and Debian packages alien problem Re: alsa bluetooth module alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device Re: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device Re: alsa not working on Intel 865 (Asus P4P800) Alsa, the easy way ALSA: XMMS works after alsaconf - after reboot XMMS hangs again amaroK 1.2 broken? AMD64 Sarge Net-Inst Anacron running very frequently [ANN] Automated ldap/kerberos setup tool Announcement: Debian cluster tools. [ANN] PicoDebian: a thinned down version of Debian Sarge [ANN] PicoDebian: project registered Anonymous ftp not working Anonymous ftp upload, no download or ls Another mouse problem in X... Any linux log analysis software Any MIDI/audio sequencer out there that works ? Anyone could help with a penetration test ? Re: aol art files: Apache apache2? apache 2 and cgi not working apache2 and php4: apache does not execute php script apache2 and ssl apache2 apxs package Apache2-mdm-prefork+libapache2-mod-php not working Apache and Php apache init.d missing? apache ssl? Re: APC UPS CS500 won't switch on again APIC error on CPU0. apm: overridden by ACPI??? Application like dvdshrink or Nero Recode [APT] A way to produce a by-repository listing of packages Re: apt-build apt-cacher slow apt-get apt-get behind a proxy apt-get change destination directory apt-get dist-upgrade wants to wipe out everythin! apt-get help apt-get listing? apt-get making weird suggestions, dselect even worse apt-get no-download question apt-get problems. Apt-get question (reverting a install) apt-get remove --help apt-get remove --help--moreinfo apt-get source ? apt-get timeout through MS proxy apt-get tip apt-get update results. aptitude: information area customizable? apt-listchanges refuses to work Apt-proxy client doesnt dist-upgrade apt-proxy-v2 upgrade from v1 problems APT: strange problems! arabic on firefox Are there precompiled fully patched Debian kernels? associate usb-storage with scsi? Asus K8V-X onboard audio ASUS WiFi athlon 64 Debian support ATI driver alien rpm Ati fglrx driver & 2.6.11 kernel? Ati fglrx driver & cko1 ? ATI Radeon 7000 Setup in Debian atlon 64???? Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info. auto completion with TAB key autofs - problem with spaces in username and empty passwords for smbfs Automatic mounting but without stopping on errors Auto-notify remote user of IP address change? AVI => DVD conversion Avoiding screen blanking on Xfree Azureus question? The last update was on 10:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 4301 messages. Page 1 of 9.

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