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Re: Adding a network card...

On Sat, Mar 05, 2005 at 08:31:41PM -0500, Charles Read wrote:

> Wanting to throw a spare RTL-8139 NIC into my G5 PPC, it looks like I 
> don't have 8139too in /lib/modules/2.6.8-power4-smp/kernel/net, how can 
> I get it there?  Or how else can I add the card (kind of new to the 
> hardware side of Linux, well all of it for that matter)?  I looked on 
> Realtek's site for some source so I could make the driver myself but 
> couldn't find anything relevant...  any help is much appreciated!!

The driver for that card, 8139too is in the 2.6.8 kernel on x86 but im 
not sure how things go for PPC.
If you have a config file left by the installer in /boot you can check

grep 8139 /boot/config-2.6.8-power4-smp 
or whatever the config file may be named, if it is set to M then
load it with modprobe or install modconf, if not you can 
recompile your kernel to enable it.

Angelina Carlton

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