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[survey] mutt - default settings on Debian


this is a simple survey to convince the maintainer of mutt to change
some default settings in Debian's /etc/Muttrc. Please comment parts of
this mail with (change it | keep current) and send it back to me:

 - display of the date - by (current) default, the Date: field is not
   displayed together with the message text. The only way to see the
   date is to leave the pager and look at the index line, and there is
   still only the short string (Jun 12), no year, no exact time.
   Suggested change:
   remove "ignore date" setting and make the date visible everywhere
 - colors: the current color map is acceptable but sucks WRT clear
   visible contrasts: green on blue is not good readable, black on blue
   is also bad.
   Suggested changes (attached):
   more White-on-Blue
   red index marker
   dark-green unimportant header lines
   bright-yellow Subject: and Date: fields
 - current settings hide the index view when the message is beeing
   displayed in the pager. I think it makes sense to keep the overview
   of the next few messages while the current message is displayed.
   Suggested change:
   set pager_index_lines=5
Thanks for your comments,

color   hdrdefault      green           black
color   header          brightyellow    black   "^from:"
mono    header          bold                    "^from:"
color   header          brightyellow    black   "^subject:"
mono    header          bold                    "^subject:"
color   quoted          green           black
color   signature       brightred       black
color   indicator       brightyellow    red
color   error           brightred       black
mono    error           bold
color   status          brightwhite     blue
color   tree            brightmagenta   black
color   tilde           brightmagenta   black
color   body            brightyellow    black           (\\*|_)".*"(\\*|_)
# URL highlighting with the same regexp as urlview.
color   body            brightyellow    black ((((ht|f)tps?)|mailto):(//)?[^\ >"\t]*|www\.[-a-z0-9.]+)[^\ .,;\t>">]
mono    body            bold ((((ht|f)tps?)|mailto):(//)?[^\ >"\t]*|www\.[-a-z0-9.]+)[^\ .,;\t>">]
color   body            brightmagenta   black "[-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+"
mono    body            bold "[-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+"
color   body            brightyellow    black   "^Good signature"
mono    body            bold                    "^Good signature"
color   body            brightwhite     red     "^Bad signature from.*"
mono    body            bold                    "^Bad signature from.*"

<FastJack> pub  1024D/8E0123A8 1999-02-21 Peter Huth <Peter.Huth@t-online.de>
	ich schwöre, ich habe keine ahnung, wie der in meinen keyring gekommen
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