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Re: Acrobat 7.0 for linux is out

> > > Slightly slower unless I try making the page 1600x1200 then it's rather
> > > slow. Never had to do that before though.
> >
> > What you mean with sligthly slower? Maybe I don't explain myself clear;
> > click on a corner of the window and drag it to resize the page. I can't
> > believe you don't experience any slowness!
> There's no need to get emotional about this issue. If you cannot calm
> down please do not reply to this message.

I'm not nervous, I'm just surprised of your remarks, I'm wondering how can you 
say 'slightly' when it's pretty noticeable in my computer, that is at least 
three times faster than yours. 

I've been using linux since 1993, so you can be sure that I've tried xpdf with 
all kind of machines and the slowness has always been present, it doesn't 
matter which version of xpdf I use.

> I'm trying acrobat's thing now. so far xpdf has the following over it:
> a. It's not 95MB in size

I don't really care about that.

> b. It doesn't take 5 seconds to start

It's less than 2 seconds on my computer.

> c. it doesn't have the (IMO stupid) windows-in-windows model

I agree here.

> d. It doesn't open the window in fullscreen mode. I have other things to
>    do on my multitasking computer while I have a pdf open.

I agree but, as I use KDE, I don't have this problem (I've forced acrobat 
windows to  open in a specific window size).

> e. No way that I (in my quick look of the obvious places in the
>    preferences window) can find to turn off the fullscreen thing.

See my comment above.

> In it's favour though, adobe's reader:
> a. is faster then xpdf
> b. has continuous layout - my most-missed feature when using xpdf

You forgot to mention that the rendering of the page is much better in acrobat 
than in xpdf, the pages look nicer.

For me Acrobat is the best pdf reader to date; I haven't tried the new kpdf 
yet (included with kde 3.4).

PS: Please don't CC your messages, I'm subscribed to the list and get your 
messages twice.

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