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[SOLVED]Re: partitioning new disk, users rigths?

Hi and thanks for reply

About the disks, my mistake. The old 40G disk is hdd, the primary disk is
still hda.
There was also wrong entry in fstab as Tom said, so at the beginning the
partitioning was correct:)

But playing some more with fdisk and cfdisk gave me problem. The first
time everyting went fine and both partition was created as ext3. Later no
matter if I use fdisk og cfdisk the second partition failed, but when
using mke2fs -j I was able to create the second partition. This is not
actually nesseserry but I was curious about partitioning in Debian.

About users rights this was also for testing, just to see how thing is
with foleder and file permission.
I can just create a folder and give the group users 0777 so members can
play around. If I do that on a second partition on lets say 5G I can give
users that space instead of implement quota....

Well, with your help, google and some testing I reach my goal, thanks a


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