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Re: [Legal] Firefox not truly Free?

William Ballard wrote about the Firefox/Google link:
> Is it merely advistory or a request?  I know there was some talk about
> Debian Thunderbird; here's some more fuel for the fire!

I think it's a requirement if we want to use their trademarks
in any way which requires their permission. I'm not sure
whether we do need their permission, as I'm less experienced
with trademarks than copyright. I think it smells bad and my
local build of Firefox is called FireWWW for this reason, to
be sure. Google are sponsors of the World Economic Forum and
I'm not comfortable encouraging users here towards them. Also,
the "white label" build shows up the bugs in the Mozilla "it's
easy to avoid our trademark" claim.

If you look in the Feb 2005 archive of debian-legal for the
author Gervase Markham (or maybe Jan 2005), you should find
the threads, but it's gone quiet now.

Please cc me or debian-legal on replies if you want another comment.

Thanks for spotting this and asking!


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