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[no subject] (A bit OT) Quake 3 ignores setuid root Re: (eh?) Perl library shifted...? RE: (jg) Re: ipmasq and howto (no subject) ...diald.fifo -- can I use this...? Usenet...? ...second sound/CD card...? .deb for the latest version of lilo? any ideas? .signature and random fortune ? /dev/hdd irq timeout? /dev/lp0 does not exist /dev/mem and /dev/kmem /dev/null: permission denied - problem Re: /dev/null: permission denied - problem (solved) /etc/cron.daily/suidmanager - error /etc/gateways /etc/init.d/ behaviour /etc/xlock.staff /usr/doc/ vs /usr/share/doc/ /var/lib gone /var/spool/popbull? 2 ?'s, Pon & normal users, colour in config programs. 2 modems to the Internet 2 newbie questions 2.2.14 vs procps [was: debian on newer kernel] 2nd REQUEST: slink and /usr/share/man/ 3 identical NICS on 3 Networks - configurating confusion 3 Questions ONLY. 3 questions. Please, HELP ME! 3c509 initialization problem 486/slink networked with? 7-bit PPP Re: <:& > tags Re: <perl>do "file" -- FIXED! Re: <perl>do "file" -- still does NOTHING Re: Sistema de instalação em Português da Potato - Andamento [*] GDB question [*] SB 128 again [Bug #60204] ibm-jdk1.1.8 package ? [Fwd: 2.2.14 modules availibility] [Fwd: Installation help] [Fwd: Mouse not working in X] [Fwd: What are the most common causes of linux system hangs?] [help] assembly code embed c [ Re: /var/lib gone] [OFF TOPIC] PHP variables using method=GET [OT] Debian home page -- Jesusified! [OT] Frontpage 2000 Question [OT] radius server that will forward to tacacs ... [OT] Re: Simple text screen editor [Re: debian: wxgtk-2.1 broken] Re: [Slink install freezes on FIC SD11] acessing extended acsii characters Added leafnode woes addendum: Re: what is the num value of "s" in -rwsr-x--- (chmod)? All-in-one fax/printer/scanner compatibility Alternative to dselect? Annoying 'unexpected interrupt' problem Another dpkg or apt-get question from a new user Another install on an old 486 Another modem question (was: Modem not working) Any interest in an Aureal Vortex soundcard driver .debs? Any possibility of reading MS Works files in Linux? Any verilog compiler packaged for debian? anyone can tell me where i can buy modems like in sony computer anyone using devfs? Anyone using the ConTeX package in tetex? Is broken? apache + mod_proxy Apache and PHP apache includes Apache support for multiple domains apache-ssl w/ or without apache apache_1.3.9-12_i386.deb applix in menu? apropos broken in potato (here) RE: apsfilter setup Apt strange error!!! APT URLS Apt wishlist WAS: Re: crypto patch (OT: ports tree) apt-get Re: apt-get and personal data apt-get dpkg-preconfigure problems apt-get error ("Couldn't configure a pre-depend") apt-get problem apt-get upgrade <=> potato? apt-get upgrade, bad news Re: apt-get upgrade, bad news SOLVED! apt-get usage Archiving and Expiring Mail are there any good free 3d modeling tools? are there other file managers besides gmc? Asus K7V motherboard Re: ATAPI tape drives. ATI RAGEIIC AGP -X won't Re: ATTN: auto dial on startup Auto-Login Re: Autoloading modules with kernel 2.2.14 Backspace acts like delete in X bad NICs vs bad routing question: potato Re: Bandwidth Limiting ftpd? bash-related (?) segfault Re: Basic PPP dialup to ISP question Re: Basic Question fot apt-get Beware of broken perl installation block device name books on PHP, Perl, HTML, etc re: boot disk Re: Boot disk quit working after second install Boot from CD boot from rescue floppy, install from cd? boot messege: "snd: card is out of range (0-0)" boot prob Booting trouble. BOOTP failing (kernel request) bootup message and ppp Broke sound when upgrading a number of packages bug!!!! Bulk Import of users Re: C and system calls can I change the font of default "xterm"? Re: Can I install Woody's packages on Slink? Can I use a DPT Smart RAID VI with Debian? can't execv? Can't find libz1 Can't find perl5 Can't find XF86Setup, and other dselect questions.. can't install debian! can't open pseudo-tty Re: can't open pseudo-tty (Solved) can't see truetype fonts using fslsfonts Cannot delete a file though su. Cannot ssh from woody --> slink cannot use sound modules Cant access Windows partition cat error (invalid argument?) cd help please... cd-rom jitter CD/RW under potato cdimage problem with rsync Re: CDROM not mount changing fonts in X changing refreshrate on the console, with lilo.conf? Choosing private domain name chop LF chrooting with PAM cleaning lost+found on boot clone a debian installation Communicator 4.5 problems Re: communicator-smotif-47 out of frozen. compile vs binary was RE: missing curses? compiling spice from src config problems Configuration packages Configure X configuring a base system connect to Internet via cable modem Connecting to the internet Problems console lockups with potato's X Console problems... Console text editor with text/enriched support? console-data error contents-i386.gz control panel/installation tool Converting text to Word Corel Lilo corel linux Corel/Linux OS correct (PAM) syntax for per-user "no limit" on a resource Could not early remove libpam0g crash by installing bad libc5... crashing and no intl keyboard Creating booklets with Latex Creative SB Live! 1024 cron.daily Crypt::CBC and Crypt::DES crypto patch Re: crypto patch (OT: ports tree) CVS question daemons -- who needs'em? daylight savings time problem with potato? DC390? deallocvt: could not deallocate console N debian Debian debian + red hat linux The last update was on 07:04 GMT Tue Jun 04. There are 2765 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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