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Re: debian + red hat linux

I believe the man page for lilo.conf will tell you how to
do this. Seems like there may be some HOWTO's that would
help. Try the Kernel-HOWTO. You might have to put your 
kernels for both systems where the bios can find them.

Something like --
/hda1  5.0 meg kernels
/hda2  2.5 gig debian
/hda3  1.5 gig red hat
/hda4  110 meg swap

DebianBeast@aol.com wrote:
: hi guys,

: I have a pentium/100 computer whose bios cannot boot from cd-rom.  i want to 
: install debian and red hat as follows:

: /hda1 2.5 gig. debian
: /hda2 1.5 gig  red hat
: /hda3 115 meg. swap.

: i dont have partition magic but i would like to know if it is possible to 
: install debian (with booting from hard drive) and then install red hat linux 
: on the second partition and then set it up so i can choose which i want to 
: use. 

: thanks ,
: Cris

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