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Re: 3 questions. Please, HELP ME!

1. [snip]

> 2.  My distribution doesn't make some device files, such as /dev/modem,
> /dev/audio, /dev/mixer, /dev/sndstat (I cannot use my SoundBlaster PCI
> 64,
>     and I use my modem with device file /dev/ttyS1 directly). How can I
> workaround this?

Those devices, some of htem, are just symlinks. For example, /dev/modem/
is a symlink to /dev/ttyS1, so if you run ln -s /dev/ttyS1 /dev/modem, it
will make the symlink for you.
As far as audio goes, to create those devices you need to go to /dev and
./MAKEDEV audio
However, prior to that you have to include sound support into kernel, and
with PCI card I am not sure hwo to do that (I think it is PnP, then you
are sorta screwed.)
Read Sound-HOWTO and Kernel-HOWTO for that. You can find them at

> 3. I have the defrag utility. How can I defragment my Linux partition,
> since a mounted drive cannot be defragmented?

Well, one way is to unmount the partition (umount /zip , f.e) and defrag
it. If its a /usr or /, then if you really wan to defrag it, then you have
to do some more work....a LOT more work. So dont worry about it. How big
is the defragmentation, how many files you have and how big the partition


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