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Re: daemons -- who needs'em?

** On Apr 28, Brad scribbled:

> > > i merely think i have a screwy setting here or there that's 
> > > needlessly duplicating log messages. settings are the bane of
> > > my linux existence, still...
> > Now, stop right here for a while. syslog isn't Linux - it's a common
> > software, created quite elsewhere. Don't blame anybody for something which
> > isn't their fault. Don't like the duplicates? Voila - man syslogd.conf and
> > configure the beast. Or get syslogd-ng - it's much more versatile. Linux is
> > a _kernel_, not an _operating system_. And syslog is a piece of software
> > used on almost _all_ Unices out there. 
> A little harsh, wasn't that? By "settings are the bane of my linux
Yup, it was... sorry

> existence" i believe the original poster mean all settings, not
> specifically those of syslog-- e.g kernel config, module configs,
> sendmail/exim/etc config, samba config, ftpd config, and so on.
Looking at it now, you're probably right - but show me a system which
doesn't require setting anything and I'll tell you that it's a piece of

> That said, the only way to get good at configuring is to read the docs
> and configure.
Exactly. Make mistakes, correct them and _learn by example_ - it's the only
way to get _anything_ working really good. Manuals, courses and whatnot are
all groovy things, but without practice they are next to useless. Docs are
just a startpoint, that's it

> > > your philosophy is also mine--install diddly and add what you need--
> > > the gap between us is a hefty base of knowledge, which is why i get
> > > to bug you folks about this kind of thing: you got it, i'm gettin' it.
> > I see it a bit in a different light. Install some pre-selected set, read all
> > the docs you can, find your ways around and then reinstall the system from
> > scratch, with the freshly acquired knowledge in mind - this other time
> > you'll know what to install and what not to install. And, remember that
> > every single of us here went through much the same process sometime in the
> > past :))) (and thank God that you've got dselect and apt and dpkg :)))) 
> Nah, reinstall isn't necessary. Just dpkg --purge the useless stuff.
> I've even managed to repartition my box without reinstalling ;) (mmmm...
> backups)
I think the reinstall is actually a good thing for a newbie - it is a good
thing to use install in its verbose mode and look at the packages _knowing_
this time what they're for. 

> i do wonder what the newer installs are like though...
They're much better, IMO :))


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