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Re: Creating booklets with Latex

Once upon a time, I heard Nils-Erik Svangård say

> Hi!
> I've gotten in trouble again, bragging about how good Debian is and that I
> write all my reports in Latex. Well now I might gone under. I'm supposed
> to produce a booklet i A6 (folded A5) with students songs.
> I have read some docs on the web, it seems I can create a booklet by using
> either lpr -Cduplex or using a program called psbook. But I havent figured
> out how to print it on A5 paper (A6 booklets).
> Does anyone have experiance makeing booklets?
> /nisse
I did sth like this a while ago. What I did was, fist use psresize to
resize A4->A5, then psnup to fit two A5s into one A4, then psbook to
split them in booklets, and viola print them.

I guess that you might need psnup to fit two A6s into one A5, then
psbook and print it

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