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Re: corel linux

sam <hari@shellyeah.org> wrote:
> The copy of Storm I had came with xf86 3.3.5. Also, I have found that
> a
> lot of the power user types (myself included) dislike Storm at first
> but
> once they "delamerize" it a bit they really like it a lot.

I agree with Sam on this one. I used Debian, upgraded to woody. I
decided to give Corel a try and hated the way it broke so much and was
brain-dead. It didn't even use the Debian menu system.

I then had a look at Storm Linux and was amazed at how easily it
installed and gave the user a choice between Gnome, KDE or both. Nice
for the newbie. It retained all the Debian features, and added some
extras. What's more, it upgrades easily to Potato without losing any of
the Storm extras - unlike Corel which is a mess if you try and do this.
A Potato version should be available soon after the Debian release.

I would unhesitatingly recommend going for Storm. 

Phillip Deackes
Using Storm Linux 2000

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