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Re: Boot from CD

"Chris Mason" <chris@net.ai> wrote:

> I would like to be able to save my current configuration to a CDR and then
boot the machine form it. Can this be done?

Try: http://www.ocslink.com/~blunier/

>From that page:

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The livecd-0.08.tgz source file contains the files needed to create a Debian
Linux system on a bootable CD. Here is a sample livecd-bootimage-0.08 The
system boots to a minix file system on a ram disk. The ram disk has the
required files to allow the system to boot to a single user mode. After
logging, mount the CD to /mnt, and then run the script linkcd. This links
the rest of the files in /bin, /sbin, /lib, and /etc from the root file
system to the cd, giving you a full system.

Since the system does not use the hard drive, the live CD should make a good
recovery disk, as it can contain all the system admin tools that can be put
on a 600 meg CD. It should also make a good platform for demonstrating
Linux, to someone that doesn't want to format their hard drive, but wants to
see what Linux can do. Since it uses a ram disk for the root file system,
and doesn't use any swap, the computer needs a fair amount of ram.

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Now whether or not this fits your current system depends, of course, on your
current system!

Hope this helps,

- Bob

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