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Re: Boot disk quit working after second install

A common cause of this problem is that the floppy drive may
be of the newer ATAPI type common to newer laptops
especially, as constrasted to the older /dev/fd0 floppy
type.   The install kernels come with ide-floppy support
needed for ATAPI compiled in, but the kernel installed has
ide-floppy service through a ide-floppy module. 

There are three workarounds. 
1) During your 2nd install boot, use the original install
disk with  "rescue  root=/dev/hd(your linux partition)". 
Read the documentation on your  rescue disk.
2) After you've completed an install, compile a kernel from
source with ide-floppy compiled into the kernel, as opposed
to a module.  Copy this kernel to /boot/vmlinuz, and run
"mkboot", which expects a /boot/vmlinuz to make a new
bootdisk specific for that partition.
3) install the mkrboot-????.deb package, which will provide
you with numerous other options for boot disk making.


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