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Re: Creating booklets with Latex

Hi Nils-Erik. i am attaching instructions written by me for myself to work in windows
environment using MikTeX (based on Tetex) , ghostscript and psutilities (which we also
have in Linux). It uses usletter paper size, but should be easily adaptable if you
follow the main ideas, which are well explained. Everything should be portable to
Linux through pipes, i haven't done it because i still have to tune up better my
debian box before getting into this. Any way, hope it helps. If you run into trouble
please let me know, i will do my best to help you.

Nils-Erik Svangård wrote:

> Hi!
> I've gotten in trouble again, bragging about how good Debian is and that I
> write all my reports in Latex. Well now I might gone under. I'm supposed
> to produce a booklet i A6 (folded A5) with students songs.
> I have read some docs on the web, it seems I can create a booklet by using
> either lpr -Cduplex or using a program called psbook. But I havent figured
> out how to print it on A5 paper (A6 booklets).
> Does anyone have experiance makeing booklets?
> /nisse
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@echo off

REM            Important instructions follow:

REM    To run this, replace all instances of `veg' with
REM    the actual file name. Then run it. As a result, you
REM    will have a nice brochure, ready to be printed in
REM    two passes through ghostscript, using USletter paper.

REM                Instructions end here.

REM The instructions are designed for US letter paper. A4 ones in Europe
REM or otherwise is not difficult to implement slightly modifying the
REM numbers and/or possibly the 'ps' commands (psutilities, included
REM in MiKTeX).

REM To make a booklet or a book (set of booklets binded together),
REM follow the instructions:

REM 1. Make a file.tex (plain TeX) with the following parameters:
REM    \vsize176mm \hsize115mm
REM    Do not mess with \voffset, \hoffset commands. This way it will
REM    fit nicely in a letter paper (US), two pages, landscape.

REM 2. TeX-it (MiKTeX 1.10b).

REM 3. Get the file.ps from file.dvi through dvips.

REM 4. From the command prompt, execute as follows:

REM    a) psbook file.ps filebk.ps
REM          %re-arranges pages
REM    b) pstops -pletter (-1.15cm,-7.5cm) filebk.ps filebk1.ps
REM          %this pulls the text down (-7.5 cm) and left (-1.15 cm)
REM ***********
REM    %The value -7.5cm above is needed when config.ps in the
REM    %location C:\texmf\dvips\config\local has ``USletter'' as
REM    %its default paper. If ``A4'' is the default, it may be
REM    %needed -9cm instead.
REM ***********
REM    c) psnup -2 -pletter -s1 filebk1.ps filenu1.ps
REM          % -s1 ensures right size (scale 1).
REM 5. Open filenu1.ps using ghostscript, print it in two passes. You
REM    will have a nice booklet with a nice letter size to read.
REM **********
REM **********
REM A bat file is made following these instructions, makebook.bat,
REM In the directory TexTools, which contains this file.
REM *********
REM *********
psbook veg.ps vegbk.ps
pstops -pletter (-1.15cm,-7.5cm) vegbk.ps vegbk1.ps
psnup -2 -pletter -s1 vegbk1.ps vegnu.ps

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