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deallocvt: could not deallocate console N


I run debian GNU/Linux (slink, kernel 2.0.36) under console mode (it's an
older system) and am having problems with virtual consoles.  I have logins
on the first two consoles and then spawn additional consoles (with the
`open' command) when I need them.

A few days ago I opened up console 3 and then exited.  I now cannot
deallocate the console.  When I try:

prompt% deallocvt 3

VT_DISALLOCATE: Device or resource busy
deallocvt: could not deallocate console 3

I know there is nothing running on it, `ps aux' shows nothing on tty3.
In the past I've had similar problems, but usually within a few hours
the console was `freed' and I was able to deallocate it.

The really weird thing is that I can type into the console (nothing
happens), but then when I open up the console with a shell, all
of the command I had typed are run on the shell.  e.g.

---------------------------- Begin Example -----------------------------
This is tty3, I can type here

blah blah blah
prompt% This is tty3, I can type here
This: Command not found.
prompt% aiejfiej
aiejfiej: Command not found.
prompt% aeifjije
aeifjije: Command not found.
prompt% aifjeijr
aifjeijr: Command not found.
prompt% blah blah blah
blah: Command not found.
prompt% _
----------------------------  End  Example -----------------------------

I typed in the first 6 lines on the blank console and then switched
over to another console and typed `open -c 3'.

Any help is appreciated.


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