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Re: .deb for the latest version of lilo? any ideas?

It would be great if the latest version of lilo could be droped into the potato boot
flopies, especially as one of the main problems our site has had was not being able
to boot our laptops from the hard drive unless we got hold of partition magic or
re-installed NT from scratch.  We have pre-installed laptops with NT and a spare 4GB
partition at the end of the 12GB hard drive.  Debian installs no problem, but wont
boot of the hard drive because lilo cant deal with the partition ending after 1024

Even if lilo cant make the boot floppies, it would be dissapointing if it didnt make
it into potato, especially with so many large hard drives around these days...
How about a 'potato service pack' if everything is fixed in potato??


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> the subject says it all.
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