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I've just been trying to install Slink (2.1r4) on Intel (actually AMD K6-3)
and keep getting hung up at:

DC390: 0 controllers found  (or something like that).

Having read the installation instructions, some of the email archives, and
a HOWTO (boot parameters), I'm still stumped. I've also tried booting from
CD2 (supposedly with Tekram drivers) but this won't even boot from startup.

So, I have a few questions:

1. Is there some way to get around this problem?

2. Does Potato (2.2) use the CD390 for recognising drives or would I be
able to install directly?

3. How can I find out what kind of disk controller I've got?

Thanks for your help.
geoffrey makstutis
                  51% studios (london) ltd
                     architecture - design

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