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inspired by eric raymond's speach at geek pride last saturday, i decided
that what the open community needed most is help communicating with
corporate america. what i imagine is a website where people can look up the
buzzwords and acronyms that the corporate world uses, and add new terms as
we encounter them. sort of an antithesis to the jargon file.

i'm looking for help. i've registerd the domain corpspeak.org, and now i'm
looking for people interested in writing some code for it. i'm pretty
comfortable with php/mysql so will probably be writing the backend using
those. i'm a perl fan but something of a new user, so i'm open to that too.
if you have experience in dealing with corporate america, and perhaps have
already brought open source into your workplace, this is the project for

also, anyone who can offer layout/graphics/hosting will of course be greatly

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(megabite systems)     "think free speech, not free beer." (gnu foundataion)

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