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Re: Creating booklets with Latex

On Sat, Apr 29, 2000 at 08:14:02AM +0200, Nils-Erik Svangård wrote
> Hi!
> I've gotten in trouble again, bragging about how good Debian is and that I
> write all my reports in Latex. Well now I might gone under. I'm supposed
> to produce a booklet i A6 (folded A5) with students songs.
> I have read some docs on the web, it seems I can create a booklet by using
> either lpr -Cduplex or using a program called psbook. But I havent figured
> out how to print it on A5 paper (A6 booklets).
> Does anyone have experiance makeing booklets?

I've attached a Makefile fragment that I use for preparing
A5 booklets (A4 folded), using psutils.  That may give you
a start...

John P.
http://www.mdt.net.au/~john Debian Linux admin & support:technical services
%.dvi : %.tex
	jadetex $< 
	jadetex $< 
	jadetex $< 
	rm $*.{log,aux}

%.tex : %.sgml %.dsl
	-rm $*.{tex,dvi,log,aux}
	jade -t tex -o $@ -iprint -d $*.dsl#print $<

%.ps : %.dvi 
	dvips -o $<.ps.tmp $<
	psselect -p1-_2 $<.ps.tmp $@
	rm $<.ps.tmp

%-book: %-book-odd.ps %-book-even.ps %-book.ps
	@echo About the target $*-book
	@echo This produces A5 pages on A4 sheets, 4 pages to the sheet. 
	@echo For duplexing printers, $*-book.ps is ready to feed
	@echo to your printer once you set it to duplex mode.  For printers
	@echo that place output face down first page on the bottom, print
	@echo $*-book-odd.ps and then place the output back in the
	@echo tray and print $*-book-even.ps.  Be careful which way
	@echo it goes back in - if you get it wrong pages 3,4,7,8,11,12,...
	@echo will be upside down. 

%-book-odd.ps: %-book.ps
	psselect -o -p- $< $@

%-book-even.ps: %-book.ps
	psselect -e -r -p- $< $@

%-book-cover.ps: %.ps huiac.logo
	psselect -q -p 1 $< $*-page1.ps
	gs -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -sDEVICE=pswrite -sOutputFile=$*-cover-temp.ps $*-page1.ps huiac.logo
	pstops -pa4 '2:0L(593,424)@0.7+1L@0.7(500,506)' $*-cover-temp.ps $@
	rm $*-cover-temp.ps  $*-page1.ps

%-book.ps: %.ps
	psbook $< | psnup -2 -pa4 > $@

binary-install: $(binary-docs)
	install -d $(DESTDIR)
	cp -a $(binary-docs) $(DESTDIR)

source-install: $(source-docs)
	install -d $(DESTDIR)
	cp -a $(source-docs) $(DESTDIR)

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