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Re: Bandwidth Limiting ftpd?

** On Apr 03, M. Tavasti scribbled:
> Todd Suess <tsuess@blackhole.fuhq.net> writes:
> > Does anyone know of an FTPD for debian that supports limiting
> > upstream/downstream bandwidth on either a system wide or
> > (preferred) user/group basis?  I am currently using a cable modem
> Is it possible to use another IP for ftp-server? If you have
> ftp-server in another device, you could use shaper to limit badwidth. 
yes, while that's a solution (the 2.2.x and later kernels have full support
for QoS - CBQ and some leaf discipline algorithm like SFQ would be your
friends) you can simply use proftpd which has support for per-directory,
per-virtual server bandwidth limiting.


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