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RE: are there other file managers besides gmc?

> From: Alexander Gretencord [mailto:arutha@gmx.de]
> Subject: Re: are there other file managers besides gmc?
> Andzo wrote:
> >
> > > FileRunner is very good.
> > > http://www.cd.chalmers.se/~hch/filerunner.html
> Can you navigate FileRunner through the keyboard ? I hate those
> filemanagers where you need a mouse for every single command. I use the
> commandline and mc now obut I'd like to have somethin like the windows
> explorer. Yes you heard right, I like it :-) thats coz you can navigate
> it with the keyboard. I don't have to use the mouse if I don#t want to.
> If filerunner does all this then could anyone tell me if it is just me
> or is the site down ? I can't connect to the server so I couldn't find
> out myself if I'd like filerunner.

The link worked fine for me just now.

You might also want to look at TkDesk at:

It's what I use. In fact, I like some aspects of it so much that I'm
more-or-less basing my own Gnome/GTK+ file manager on it (with improvements,
of course :-), but mine  is written in CMU Common Lisp (compiles to
stand-alone native code) and will use Lisp in the configuration files rather
than Tcl. Hopefully it'll be available in a month or two (if my "real" job
doesn't make too many demands on my time).


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