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Re: daemons -- who needs'em?

to paraphrase bob hope's theme--thanks for the summaries!

> >  2206 ?        S      0:00 /sbin/portmap
> Portmapper for the RPC-based services (kinda a dispatch for them)
> > portmap = something to do with Remote-Procedure-Call?
> precisely

can i ditch it? is it essential somehow?

> > *logd = system loggers:
> >   syslogd and klogd both log important messages to your log files.
> >   we need them _both_ because... well... um...
> Because syslogd handles the userspace messages, klogd handles the kernel
> messages.

there's still a AWFUL lot of overlap!

> > rinetd = like inetd, but different?
> nah, a redirector - do you really need it?

as in, for firewall/ipmasq router? (if so, yes!)

how about ypbind? what's that, and why?

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