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Re: corel linux

In <000d01bf9e7b$6aec4ba0$3b295d18@austin.rr.com>, on 04/04/00 
   at 04:19 PM, "massa confusa" <kaos@austin.rr.com> said:

>I have read that corel linux is based on debian.  Does anyone on this
>list use it and can they tell me any more about it?  Thanks,


I tried it and returned it in favor or Debian Gnu/Linux package.

On one machine it refused to install, it took a week to connect with tech
support who said I had a bad CD Rom drive (which is not true).

On another machine I couldn't get the printer to work nor could I get the
modem to stay online for more than 10 seconds.

According to Corel news groups, many are having similar problems. Those
who get it to work, however, love it.

I suspect the Corel release is still more of a beta than a finished

So far, I have been happy with the Debian GNU/Linux package, and the
manual it comes with is far superior to the Corel manual

Sandy Shapiro

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