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[Fwd: 2.2.14 modules availibility]

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I have a bit of dilemma. I need to recompile my 2.2.14 kernel with
IPMASQ enabled. I also have rtl8139 ethernet cards. When I downloaded
the kenel 2.2.14 source I found that no rtl8139 modules is there.  I can
get IPMAQ added asa modules, but I can not get rtl8139 as one of the
drivers or moudles.  IT is a catch 22.

If you know hoe can I get the rtl8139 modules and compile it as a
moudule for the 2.2.14 kernel, I would appreciate it a lot.  I am
running Debian 2.2 (frozen).  

Is there a file that contains all the modules I need so I can add or
subract frm my kernel?



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