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Re: Boot disk quit working after second install

On Sat, 01 Apr 2000, Erik Ryberg wrote:
> Lehel Bernadt wrote:
> >
> > What kind of boot disk do you have :
> > ext2+lilo, fat+syslinux, loadlin or just the raw kernel ?
> > What is its configuration ?
> > I understand that you use the same disk for debian & suse. How did you altered
> > the config to boot suse instead of debian ?
> >
> Ummmm. . .. I don't know.  It was a boot disk I made during the install.  I seem to recall
> seeing loadlin come up but I confess I didn't pay that much attention when it was booting.
> When I booted my computer some text would come up with the word "boot" and almost immediately
> it would say "booting the kernel" or something like that, then it would scroll through the
> various drives and so forth and then I would be in Debian, and it would ask for login &
> password.

If this is the disk you've created when installing debian, then it is syslinux.
You can check the disk from dos (because it's a fat fs). There should be a file
named ldlinux.sys. The config file is syslinux.cfg. It has a line like :
APPEND root=/dev/hda2 ro
This tells the kernel from what partition to mount the root fs.
If you haven't modified the config file, I really don't know how gets windows
loaded. Maybe you should check the disk with scandisk.

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